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It's Your #Drestiny!

Never Pay More For Plus Sizes!

Drestiny strives to help drive the message home that human equality, even in fashion, is the direction our World needs to be headed in. We will never charge more for our plus size clothing, because to us, not only does that not promote equality, but it's our belief that charging more for plus size clothing is #discrimination!

This elegant bowtie dress is perfect for showing off your keen sense of fashion and for showing off your playful side. Wear this dress to Church or out to a wine date with your girlfriends!

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These shorts are breathable and offer lots of comfort and style. They have an elastic waist band and zippered pockets to hold onto your cell phone when you aren't allowed to play with it!

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Why You'll Love Our Curvy Styles

We believe great style has no size. You’ll discover just-right pieces in your one-of-a-kind fit and style, for a look that’s comfortable and confident.

This is a must have in every girls closet! You can wear this beautiful blouse to any and every function or occasion you can think of, and look gorgeous in it every time.

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Who doesn't have a hoodie that they wear everywhere and refuse to take off? This is sure to replace the hoodie that is in your closet right now, cause we're sure that it likely needs an update!

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