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Currently Closed Due To Covid 19


Upon checking 'agree' you are agreeing to the following: 

1. You have reviewed shipping times for your Country and are fully aware of the delivery timeframes for the product(s) you are ordering. Also, you agree and accept that there is no guarantee your item will be delivered on time and that there will be no refunds if your order is delivered to you past the shipping time frames listed on the product(s) you are ordering. (Each product must be checked for shipping times. (You can check the shipping times by clicking on your Country's flag).

2. (a) You agree and confirm that when applicable you have used the Size Guide provided to you in order to select the correct size for the product(s) you are ordering and that you are not selecting a size based on your typical and/or usual sizing/buying habits. Also, you are aware and agree to the fact that if you receive an item and it does not fit that you are responsible for the shipping costs back to us unless the size chart is incorrect or unless there is a 'Free Return' sticker on the item you are returning.

(b) You agree that if you claim the size guide is incorrect, that you will be required to provided photo evidence of the item(s) measurements. You agree that in each of the pictures you submit you must include a photo of the shipping label. 

3. That you have reviewed the terms and conditions & the privacy policy and agree to everything stated therein. If you have not yet done so and would like to review this, then you can access it by clicking clicking here for the terms and conditions and here for the privacy policy.

Women's Stretch Fabric Peep Toe Heels

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Women's Stretch Fabric Peep Toe Heels

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