Politique de remboursement

Money Back Guarantee
We promise your money back if you receive your item damaged, defective or substantially different from the item you ordered from us. You can receive a refund 7 - 15 days (Claim Processing Time Included). This guarantee is in addition to and does not limit your statutory rights as a consumer, as granted by all mandatory laws and regulations applicable in your Country of residence. 
Your Purchase From Drestiny Is Protected If It Meets The Following Terms & Conditions: 
  • Your item was purchased from www.drestiny.net and you can provide proof.
  • The item you received was damaged, defective or substantially different from the item represented on the product detail page
  • If the item is not damaged or defective then the item must be in perfect condition and still in all it's original packaging
  • The product you are returning must not have been used or show any signs of being used whatsoever
  • Your order did not arrive and it was not due to factors related to you the buyer (for example the wrong shipping address was provided)
  • You raise a claim by opening up a dispute within 15 days following the delivery of your order
  • Your account is in good standing
  • Your product or item was not customized in anyway! Anything that has been customized is immediately deemed ineligible for a refund.
  • Your item was returned to the seller due to custom duties (customs clearance & taxes are not included and you are responsible to pay such fees - please see our shipping policy for further details on this matter)

If you meet all the terms & conditions then you may go ahead and apply for a refund. Here are the steps on how to complete a refund request. 

Steps to Take In Order To Receive A Refund

STEP 1 - Start a refund request (before 7 days!) by visiting our website or by clicking HERE. Please select 'Refund Department' and if possible please submit an image of the damaged or substantially different product AND the product code for the product which will be listed under the product details. IMPORTANT - Please label the subject line as REFUND REQUEST. *You can also start a dispute by starting up a discussion with a customer service representative VIA the 'message us' widget. 

Someone will contact you as soon as someone is available in the refund department and they will discuss the issue with you to review possible resolutions or alternative solutions if available. 

STEP 2 - If you are unable to find any alternative solutions or possible resolutions then an official refund 'dispute' investigation will be launched on your behalf. The customer service representative you have been speaking to will now review the situation with their supervisor and all you're required to do at this point is wait to hear back from us whether your refund request was approved or denied. Typically we aim to review all refund disputes within 72hrs of receipt.

If the refund request was denied and you feel this decision was not warranted and that all the terms and conditions were in fact met, then please reach out to us again right HERE and make the subject line out to the executive department. This will go directly to the executive team's inbox! (Please make sure to label the subject line as 'Refund Request Decision Review'. Our team is extremely committed to customer satisfaction and they will make this a priority and reach out to you as soon as they are able to review your situation. 

STEP 3: If ultimately your refund request was approved then you should receive your money back within that first 15 days. Please keep in mind that we aim to get you your money back as quickly as possible but that it could take as long as 30 days from date of delivery of your product to fully get through the entire process and get your money back. Also please keep in mind that once we have processed the refund there will be delays from the side of the bank or the credit card company as well. 


Return Shipment Fee

Due to the nature of our suppliers, whether or not free return shipping applies is completely dependent on which product you buy. If the product you purchased came from a supplier that doesn't offer free returns then please note that in case of return, you the buyer must bear the cost or returning the product to us. 

*If you are returning an item from the Country of New Zealand, you will always be responsible for the cost of returning the product to us. The only Countries eligible for possible free return is United States, Canada, and Australia.

During the initial contact with us regarding a possible refund request, we will immediately determine whether or not the product you purchased has the 'Free Return' option available and if it doesn't we will discuss this at the time and we will do anything within our ability to assist you and get the item returned for the lowest cost to you as possible, if you wish to continue with the return. 

Free Returns

As previously discussed the 'Free Return' option is only available on certain products and in certain Countries. New Zealand is currently not able to take advantage of the 'Free Returns' option under any instance and therefore the cost of shipping the item back to us will be the sole responsibility of the customer. This is also true for the U.S.A, Canada, and Australia. If the item you wish to return doesn't have the 'Free Return' option. Whether or not the product you wish to return has 'Free Returns' is mainly based on whether or not there is a LOCAL warehouse for you to ship the item back to or not. This will be determined during the initial stages of the refund request and unfortunately cannot be itemized on each product due to the fact that we sell to multiple eligible Countries and there is no quick and easy way to deliver that information on the product page for each of those Countries. We do our very best to work with suppliers that have large warehouse facilities in as many locations as possible. 

If the product you are returning has the 'Free Return' option available then the first additional benefit you'll receive is an additional 15 days to return the item as long as it meets all the terms and conditions listed in this policy. (Item has to be unused, unwashed and in original condition, complete with the original packaging and with tags attached. For the rest of the conditions please go back to the start of this policy). 

Here's what will take place if you have the 'Free Returns' Option and your refund dispute has been approved:

Return items locally and easily! Get the return code or label and then wait for the door-to-door pickup service or take your package to the designated service spot. Lastly wait for the local warehouse to confirm receipt of your returned package. 

*Please remember to select 'Refund Department' when opening the dispute

The refund will be made to you once we confirm receipt of your returned parcel which meet the conditions for reimbursement

The items will then be processed at the local warehouse instead of going ALL the way back to the supplier's Country of origin. 

Returning packages VIA a designated local return service point or VIA door-to-door pickup service is completely free. 

Please note: You can only enjoy one-time free local return for one order. If you initiate multiple return requests under a single order, you can only enjoy the free local return service once. Other return requests can still take advantage of the local return service but you will have to cover the return shipping costs to the designated local return address. Therefore, we strongly encourage and ask that you please consider returning jointly the products to avoid paying that additional shipping cost. 


Statutory Rights


Drestiny must comply with other relevant legal requirements for warranty, returns etc. that may be applicable depending on your location as a buyer and our customer. For instance, in most EU Countries you will generally have a 2-year legal conformity warranty and a 14-day right to return. Please note that in case of return, you the buyer must bear the cost of returning the product to us.


File a Complaint

If for ANY reason during the buying and return process you wish to file a complaint for any grievance you feel you've endured, then please go HERE and select the option to speak to our Executive Department. This will go directly into the inbox of our executive team and they will review your complaint as soon as they possibly can, always making sure that the customer is a priority over all other business matters!  To ensure a quick response please label the subject line as 'GRIEVANCE' and please include as many details as possible including records of instances where you've spoken with the support team or refund staff. 

Beauty Products Refund Policy

If you're not 100% satisfied in any way with an item you've received, please let us know by emailing us within 30 calendar days of receipt, and within 3 months from the order date. Returns can only be made once authorized by Customer Services.

Our site is aimed at customers who have already purchased and experienced the product, either its use in the case of skincare, or smell in terms of perfume, or color in terms of make up. If you have ordered the wrong product, then you can still return for a full refund but please note that the items must be unopened and unused and you will have to bear postage costs.

We are happy to refund postage costs if the item is defective or sent due to our error.

Please check your fragrance or home scent orders carefully, as fragrances and home scents can NOT be returned under any circumstances due to international aviation restrictions.

In order to process your returns as quickly as possible, all returns must include:


  • A copy of your delivery note or your order number
  • Return authorization (obtainable from Customer Services by following the normal return policy instructions)
  • Reason for return


Please ensure that items are packed securely to prevent any damage in transit. We also suggest sending via registered or insured post so the parcel can be traced.

For credit card refunds, please note we can only refund the total cost of goods. If there are shipping charges to be refunded we will offer you a credit off your next purchase to cover this reimbursement or refund via Paypal.