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Política de envío



Drestiny.net works with vendors and artisans across the world to source the most gorgeous products at the prices that suit you. 

This results in all our orders being shipped to you from across the world - from Canada and China to Morocco. However we do ensure we can track our orders for your extra piece of mind.

Yet because your products are coming from so far away they often take 1-6 weeks to arrive. Most of the time our product will arrive a lot quicker, but we want you to be aware this is out of our control! (Please note that due to border restraints with liquids & things of that nature, cosmetic items can and usually do take longer to arrive. If you have not reached your item 70 days after placing the order please notify us so we can investigate!)

*Please not that in addition to shipping timeframes listed on the products there is a minimum processing time of 7 days. If we require longer than 7 days that information will be listed in the product description of the product. This means that if the shipping timeframes listed is 20-40 days, we are allowed an additional 7 days, making the total days allowable 47 days.*

All posted delivery timeframes are not guaranteed. We use 3rd party shipping companies and have no control over shipping delays. We provide you with the timeframes the shipping companies provide to us. We do NOT provide refunds for missed or delayed shipping delays. If an item has not reached you within 60 days from when you placed your order, we will consider this item 'Not delivered' and in this case a refund might be provided. If this has happened to you, please contact us by email at getsupport@drestiny.net so that we can launch an investigation. Failure on the consumer's behalf to reach out to us to launch an investigation with the shipping company prior to 60 days, will void any refund the consumer may be entitled to. 

The best option for getting more information about your shipping status, is to contact us by email or by contacting the shipping company directly. We do not guarantee our tracking site results and recommend that you use various tracking methods, such as Universal or International tracking sites. 

Currently we ship to United States, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand only , however we are always looking to expand our operation.

*Whenever possible we will ship using E-packet - E-packet shipping tends to come quicker and allow for tracking of the order. If another shipping method is used then we are not guaranteed the ability to track the package while in route. .*

Where Do You Ship To?

Drestiny is always working to expand in order to serve every part of the World but currently Drestiny offers shipping to U.S Canada Australia & New Zealand.  All prices are listed in USD ... Please use the money converter to see how much it will cost you to convert USD to your Countries form of currency. We do have a conversion program built into the site for you, however we do not guarantee exact, up to the minute results.

For live and up to the minute exchange rates please go HERE,

How Much Does Shipping Cost?

It is very important that you check back here each time you visit for any updated shipping costs, however currently we are offering 100% FREE shipping to all 4 Countries that we serve. If you need to have items shipped to you express you will need to reach out to us on an item to item basis to discuss expedited shipping costs. In this situations you would be 100% responsible for the expedited shipping costs. 


Effective from 20 April 2020, we will no longer cover VAT claims. In the event that your order is charged taxes or other additional charges, you are responsible for all expense occurred, which is not refundable.

Customs Fees - What's The Deal?

Some Countries charge customs duties and taxes for imported goods. Our Supplier's and vendors can't list import duties on their products because every Country has different import duty thresholds, so in some cases a product can be sent to one Country with no import duty applied by Customs, where it may incur that duty in another Country. Suppliers are in a position to be able to calculate duties when selling their products to us, therefore we are unable to calculate them on our end and factor them into the cost of the product or by adding additional shipping costs. Please be aware that Customs are the ones who impose and collect any applicable import duties, so if a product comes into the Country owing any duties it won't get past Customs until those duties are paid. You must be made aware that it's you the buyer who is responsible to pay the applicable duties if any at all and it's solely your responsibility and not ours as the seller. If you are ever asked to pay for Customs fees by any of the Drestiny staff do not pay it and contact us immediately by emailing getsupport@drestiny.net or by completing the contact us form located on the footer of our website and label the subject line as "Custom Fees" so that we can investigate the matter immediately. (Please make sure to select the executive department!)

We will never collect Custom fees on behalf of Customs.